Friday, March 14, 2008

More 3/14 Expressions

Mail was pretty dull - but I did get 10 postage stamps today. That's my "payment" for being a mail "decoy". Yup, one of those tracking companies checking how long it takes for mail to be delivered. Doesn't take much time - and another small income stream. We are finally getting on board and using electronic forms of bill payment for most things. But, we have a few stragglers - and it is nice not to have to run to the post office for stamps. This year, my goal is to have enough stamps to not to have to buy stamps for holiday cards.

The best way to save money on groceries is probably not to waste any. So, I looked through my pantry today. I had a bag of "bean soup mix" and some left over veggies in the fridge and freezer. So, I have a pot of soup going - mainly for me. I enjoy mystery soups, my family doesn't. But, this pot of healthful soup will make plenty of lunches for me. I also have a brown rice/brocolli casserole baking in the oven for a side dish this week. It should work for several dinners and the family tolerates it pretty well :) I would say I love it. With the casserole is a nice baking dish of old fashioned oatmeal, a bit of raisins, left over apple sauce, and water swished around the apple sauce jar. After baking the oatmeal, I put scoups in containers and freeze and eat those for breakfast. Dinner will "chicken fajitas" - the cheap Tyson stuff I got today at Kroger, found some shells, picante sauce, refried beans in the pantry, and cheese and lettuce in the fridge. That's my food maintenance for the week.

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