Sunday, April 10, 2011

4/10 Expressions

We checked our tax returns and there was an error - so, we owe the Feds slightly less and will get slightly back from the State.  Since I do not want to waste my time and gas to go to the post office this week - I decided to put too many first class stamps on the envelopes and mail them from home.  I used 5 stamps each - but remember, I get 10 stamps a month for being a mail decoy and it sure is worth it to me.  My husband called the realtor this past Friday to let her know that we are thinking about withdrawing our offer - and she contacted the bank.  They said they would expedite their review.  We shall see.  We had a wonderful lunch today - left over potato soup and chicken salad sandwich made with bits and pieces - and fresh herbs growing indoor and outdoor right now.  Both were delicious - according to my husband and daughter :)   Back to the stamps - it takes a bit of effort, but having little and large streams of income coming in from more than one source is comforting.  In the big scheme, the stamps I get may not pay for a lot - but for me, I report the magazines in time I am not doing anything else - during lunch or later in the evening or while waiting for my daughter.  But these stamps make my life a bit less costly - we pay most of our bills on-line, so, the stamps are used to mail our refunds/rebates, our taxes :), and holiday cards at the end of the year.  Saves me trips to the post office too - and now-a-days, gasoline is a factor.    In other news, today is a sunny day - and the seeds I planted last week have sprouted.  Hopefully, instead of buying salad greens from the grocery every week, I will be able to pick some myself.

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