Friday, April 15, 2011

More 4/15 Expressions

Mail Call:  One-time use sample of Hugo Boss Cologne; nice potholder from Pyrex, trial sized Secret deoderant, rent check, and rebate check.  I took my stones and rings to a jeweler.  I am glad I got my settings by winning a lot of 3 - because all of the settings I saw in 14K gold were over $500.  Anyway, it will cost me $40 to have the periot removed and set w/the ruby - and as I suspected - it is lab created - but it is still beautiful and we saved $.  It will be my daughter's birthday present.  When I asked about having the peridot re-set in silver - um, the cheapest was $90 - then they said they could get a setting for $80 - plus resetting charges - uh - that's almost about what I paid for the stone and the 14K setting - so, I said no thanks.  I think I will look on-line for less expensive settings and then have the stone re-set.  Anyway, the one I suspected was an Amethyst - sure was.  So, I sent an e-mail to shopgoodwill - to see what needs to be done because it was definitely not as described.  So, while I liked the other stone - I did not proceed to have it re-set until I hear from shopgoodwill - because the two stones were a "lot".  Sadly, our passports are expired.  So, all three of us will have to get new ones.  Oh, I did redeem some more credit card reward points for "on-sale" giftcards.  I was able to redeem for $55 in Darden Food Restaurants :)

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