Friday, April 15, 2011

4/15 Expressions

Normally this is "tax due date"  but this year we have until Monday :)  This is the first year we got our's done early - even if it was only just over a week - and I am hoping my refund arrives asap and they delay cashing our check for the payment.  But anyway, if you love freebies - this is the week to keep your eyes peeled - seems more and more businesses are trying to ease the tax pain and drum up business.  So far today, I printed a coupon for a free travel sized Bath & Body Works lotion, called to make an appointment for a free "hydrotherapy".  So glad we are venturing beyond just free/cheap food deals :)  I am hoping Kroger will do the tax refund giftcard - buy a giftcard for X and get X% more free.  Oh, and the other day, I noticed my pierced earring was falling out - due to a lost "backing" . . . I used the old frugal tip (other than not to lose the earring) and pinched off a piece of an eraser and pinched it on to my earring - worked like a charm - saved me from having another orphaned earring. 

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