Sunday, April 17, 2011

4/17 Expressions

We stopped at a bakery/cafe for lunch using our 1/2 priced gift certificate.  Since we were next to Target, I stopped in to buy a few veggies I needed for a coconut soup with wild onions (I will be picking some from my "organic" back yard (no spraying of any kind since we want to keep it pet friendly)).  The gave me one of their sling style re-usable bags at check-out.  Funny, the couple in front of me - the lady tried to grab an extra bag since she said it was 1 per person - cashier stood her ground and would not let the woman have the bag.  They had coupons too - I didn't have any for veggies - but my daughter and husband stopped at Michaels while I shopped at Target to buy more art supplies w/the 50%/1 coupon and gift card.  Nice, peaceful, sunny day.  I am going to the spa shortly to get a facial - I have a 20% off coupon.  Then I will work on the back yard and finally plant some flower seeds.  My daughter said her pet sitting client said I could come over and cut some flowers - I may take her up on it.  My Irises are just blooming . . .

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