Saturday, April 16, 2011

More 4/16 Expressions

This short sale business is truly drudgery.  We made an offer on a foreclosure - and the bank countered right away.  This short sale - we offered 1/2 of the "zillow" value - the realtor had the house listed about 20% below zillow and about $10K less than the current owners paid in 1996.  The agent we are using is with the same brokerage as the listing agent.  From the start, she said our offer was probably $15K too low.  But, the home needs a lot of work - band we said cash - no contingencies . . . the carpet looks original (where there is carpet - and it would be great if there was wood under the carpeting), the kitchen is way outdated - the built in oven looks like a fire hazard - and the house has been uninhabited for who knows how long.  So, the bank has had our offer for 5 weeks - and only two weeks ago did they ask for additional information.  My take is, the realtors/bank were hoping another offer would come in - better of course - and perhaps try to engage us in a bidding war - or at least try to convince us to raise our price.  But we stayed firm because we said we don't owe another offer since the bank hadn't countered.  As of last week, the realtor stated the listing agent has been e-mailing the bank - and bank said they are expediting our offer process - and the listing agent did tell the bank that the house does need a lot of work (must have been other lookers view too).  Anyway, early-on, the agent claimed that the owners owed close to the zillow value because they took out a second mortgage?  They sure didn't use it to do any upgrades - so, why should we pay for some else's mistake.  We said we feel bad about it - but we feel we have given a reasonable offer.  So, let's see what "expedite" means to a bank :(  We are seriously thinking of withdrawing our offer.  In other news, my husband and I went on a "cheap" date.  We took the optimal route and used the coupons to pick-up freebies.  We stopped at Brueggers and got the $10.40 deal - the 2 tubs of cheese we're the size you get from the grocery store and we got the light herb which I haven't found in-store.  Then to paint store, we each got a free jar of paint.  My daughter loves to paint, so, we gave both to her.  I may also use them to paint picture frames or something along those lines because we got 2 colors that would match her bedrrom decor.  Then to Kohls - my husband got a 100% cotton casual shirt for $10 after sale and coupon.  I got my daughter a cream color 1/2 light sweather - that covers one's shoulders when wearing summer dresses for $6.XX - original price $39.99 - and that was with a $10 off coupon.  I also had a $5 off coupon and got her a pink t-shirt for $1.XX.  Then to the bank to deposit checks and I got a free coffee and relaxed while my husband stood in line.  Then to Staples - where he got the free after rebate ream of paper while I drank the rest of my coffee.  For some reason, we went from very warm temperatures - to uncomfortably cold today.  Then we got 3 DVDs for just over $2 at Blockbuster Express using "MOVIETIME" for rent 2 get 1 free to watch today and tomorrow.  By then, we were hungry, so to Red Robin - we got our free appetizer (quesadillas), I got a cup of chili, and my husband got a sandwich combo - so, our lunch was very reasonable.  Then to VS - I got my free "Deluxe sized sample of Dream Angels Forever" and my free travel sized cologne with any purchase (I got a hand sanitizer) - and gave the cologne and sanitizer to my daughter.  Then to Bath and Body Works and my husband and I each got our free lotion - my husband gave his to my daughter.  My Irises are starting to bloom - but I need to spruce up the flower bed - the weeds are showing up too. Mailbag:  1 can of diet Ocean Spray Sparkling Cranberry drink - great for my daughter's lunch and a coupon for $1 off a pack of 4, sadly, "HOST" sent us a .10 dividend check - but no more rants about how they conduct business - I didn't "buy" it anyway - it was a spin-off - so, next time I make a deposit - that .10 will go into the bank like any other.  On the way to the mailbox - I yanked out a bunch of wild onion and threw them in my compost - I am going to look-up what can be done with them - I have used them as "chives" before.

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