Thursday, April 7, 2011

4/7 Expressions

What a day!  I stayed home and took my daughter to the doctor - she has an ear infection from some virus?  To use up the potatoes - I boiled them last night and 1/2 became a potato salad and the other 1/2 became yummy potato soup.  My husband finished our taxes "early" - they are done - just need the once over and we should mail them out Monday.  Looks like we owe the Feds and get $ back from the State.  Be on the look for Tax deals and freebies next week and the following Monday.  Already, we have scheduled - a free fondue dinner, free ice cream from Ben & Jerrys, free ice cream sundae from Maggie Moos - still waiting to see what else.  (None of this good for weight loss - but it will be eaten in moderation :)  Since I had to pick up a prescription for my daughter, I stopped at Publix with a bunch of coupons - I got a bunch of juices, etc. for $10 - and "saved" $27 with sales and coupons.  Then to Wal-mart - used my giftcard from credit card points to buy $10 in gas and picked up a free Kit Kat and my daughter used the coupon for a free Mt. Dew.  Then to Wal-mart to round out the shopping with the rest of the gift card.  Total "out of pocket" - $13 to include a DVD to watch.

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