Sunday, April 3, 2011

4/3 Expressions

This afternoon, we finally made it to Lowes with the $10 off $50 coupon.  Our lawn mower has been on its last leg for the last couple of years.  So, we thought we'd look to see what was available.  The Troy Built push mowers were marked $3XX - but there was one marked down to $160 because a front tire was slightly bent - that's the one we got with the coupon and leftover money on the Lowes Tax Refund giftcard - we still have a bit more - which I hope to use on stain.  Wouldn't you know it, another $10 off $50 coupon kicked out on the bottom of the receipt - but it expires tomorrow.  Then to Staples - for under $2 with reward coupon, we got 48 mechanical pencils and a notebook.  It is such a gorgeous day - Lowes was packed.  Oh yeah, I cashed in some mypoints for a $10 Panera gift card.

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