Tuesday, July 19, 2011

7/18 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the day:  I took my daughter to the dermatologist.  He is putting her on a new rx - and it costs $250 and insurance doesn't pay.  He also gave her one of the last coupons he had to get it free!!!!  I was in my gym clothes - maybe he felt sorry for me.  Last time he gave me a free bar of French mill soap.  My husband has never gotten any freebies.  May be he realizes the economy is bad?  Okay, enough gushing on the $250 coupon.  Mail call:  my husband and I each got a coupon from Victoria's Secret for a free panty - don't worry, my husband will give his to my daughter ;0) My daughter got a $5 Movie Cash certificate in the mail.  Talk about property tax - I need to get my husband fired-up about getting the assessed value of the foreclosed home down.  The annual taxes are higher 2 of our cheapest properties - I guess there's a difference because it is in another state - but still - the assessed value is no where near the "real/market" value.  Oh, and not to jinx it - but the stock market was a bit better today :)  Added:  Since I got the Southwest Airlines card and I need to make one purchase to get enough points for 2 free rountrip tickets, I went to plasticjungle.  Sadly, it appears Plasticjungle only takes paypal.  So, my new favorite site is Cardpool and I ordered a PFChang $25 giftcard which was discounted 9% with free shipping - and they take credit cards still!  Here is their link:  http://cardpool.com/?fp=432ac7 - this is a referral link.  I may earn a small percentage if you do order.

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