Thursday, July 7, 2011

7/7 Expressions

Mailbag - yesterday I got a coupon for a free Suave lotion.  Today, I went to Wal-mart and picked-up a few things.  I should have paid attention - but the cashier did not ring the coupon for the Suave - and a few other items.  It may be cheap - but I went back - talked to customer service - and they pulled the coupons - and sure enough, after everything was said and done - they paid me $6.32.  I think the cashier needs training.  Although I am not feeling 100% better - I decided to get out of the house - and get a few groceries.  I stopped at Kroger and they had a rebate form - buy $25.01 in meat, produce and condiments and get $15 back.  Worked for me.  The form was for Heineken beer - but I am in one of the states where they cannot require a beer purchase.  Although closing went well and the electricity was turned on in our foreclosure - my husband was there early because the water company said they'd turn the water on.  Good thing - because apparently the washer fountain, the one to a fridge w/ice maker was left in the "on" position.  In addition, one of the shower heads was leaking.  So, he took care of those things.  My husband is going to ask the tax assessor to re-look at the assessment value for the property - although we like it, we seriously doubt it is worth $122,000.  In addition, I asked my husband to quiz the insurance company because they placed the replacement value at $140,000.  I am thinking that is a great way to jack-up insurance costs and hope the payer is excited by the "high" value.  I can't imagine it costing us twice as much as we purchased it for to build it.  So, we may be able to save a few bucks questioning those things.  And, I don't want to jink the stock market - but it sure is much brighter than it has been in a while.

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