Saturday, July 9, 2011

7/9 Expresssions

Frugal deeds for the day:  we did go to the credit union and got the letters notarized for free and I deposited the few refund checks I received.  I was tempted to have a cup of coffee - but skipped it today.  Then we headed to the consignment store where we had won a gift certificate at a charity event.  The certificate was for $25 and we paid $12.50.  Anyway, we are glad to have found a new place.  My daughter got 2 pairs of shoes, one new, and 2 blouses for the gift certificate and just under $5 in cash.  She also found an alternative to Plato's.  Then we went to the movies to see "Horrible Bosses" - it was a good laugh.  Anyway, there was an advertisement showing discounts one could get using the movie stub.  We went to the restaurant next door and got three free appetizers -with our meal.  We had plenty for another meal - which we brought home in to go boxes.  Sadly in the mail, we got a Homeowner's association "ding" letter - our front flower bed has weeds - my daughter just weeded it yesterday - apparently the "drive-by" must have been earlier in the week - and they think our shrubs need a trimming :(  So, my husband ran to Wal-mart to get a few bags of pine nuggets for the flower bed - and will be trimming the shrubs.  Added:  we also stopped at the Farmer's Market and picket up 2 containers of goat cheese (honey, and plain) - no additional cost out of pocket since we "won" the punch-card at the charity auction - we get 20 containers.  Also got 2 cucumbers for $1- since we got there about 30 minutes before closing - pretty much everything was gone/picked-over.

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