Sunday, July 24, 2011

7/24 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the week:  This week, I had several drips of income from various sources.  I received a rebate check or two, my $5 Amazon e-code cleared from swagbucks, and I cashed in for a $10 Panera gift card.  There's an antique auction going on today and I sure would love to go - but, I won't.  There really isn't anything I need and I need to keep my eye on the ball - declutter as much as possible when we attempt to sell this this house early next year.  But I will be running out and about - I need to return something from Big Lots and while I am there - Petsmart is next door - so, I will be running in to get the dog a treat.  Also in the same complex, Target - might see if they have a deal or two.  And we have a bit of change left on our Michael's card - I plan to use it us.  Oh, and Sears, I need to use that $10 freebie Craftsman card, my dad's birthday is coming up, we plan to do a bbq for him.  The man has everything he needs and wants, so, I am making up a basket.  He likes, to try a variety of cheese, and he likes gadgets.  So, he will be getting a basket of both.  This Saturday morning, we will get him a variety of fresh goat cheese to add to a variety of crackers and some kind of gadget from Sears.  Instead of a plain cake, I have frozen leftover cake in the freezer - I plan to make a triffle and I will also make a big batch of baklava to use up the other box of phyllo dough I have in the freezer.  Also this week, our first HELOC payment is due on the foreclosure - I plan to pay the $50 in interest and 2/5ths of the principle.  2/5ths plus interest next month, and 1/5 plus interest in September.  My goal was to pay it off by the end of October - so, we will be a month early baring some catastrophic financial disaster.  The house is pretty much livable - we need a bit more furnace work which we plan to hire someone to do by the end of next month.  My husband rented a carpet cleaner and cleaned the carpets yesterday.  He will slowly replace the carpeting with laminate flooring - installing it himself as time permits.  So far, I would say we have spent just under $3,500 on repairs (air conditioner, garbage disposal, furnace, shower leak, carpet cleaner and supplies), new appliances (stove, fridge, washer, dryer) and furniture (2 queen mattress sets, frames).  The rest of the stuff we had - microwave, minimal furniture, paint and brush for one wall.  At this time, I am tempted to sign-up for a Citibank credit card which is offering a bonus of a $500 gift card - that would go a good way toward for the laminate.  Please note, signing-up for credit card offers is not for everyone.  We do not carry a balance on our cards, are not in the market to take out a mortgage ( few point drop in ratings won't affect us), etc.  So, please do not see this as an endorsement for signing up for a credit card.  I am just explaining what we do, or are planning on doing for our purposes only.  As they say, "your mileage may vary".

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