Wednesday, July 6, 2011

7/6 Expressions

Mail bag:  while we were traveling, we got some great mail:  2 rebate checks, fish oil tablets from Natures Bounty, freebie magazines:  Shape, Woman's Day, 10 first class postage stamps (Quad Readers), and a bunch of coupons to local places and Kroger.  More frugal activies while on vacation:  we went shopping.  We stopped at thrift stores - my daughter got a really nice summer dress for $1 and a few other things for a bit more.  I purchased fabric from a store in the Punjabi District - very beautiful and reasonably priced.  We splurged and saved a bit on dog boarding - we bid on 2 gift certicates at 2 different charity auctions and won 2 $150 gift certificates for $40 and $50 respectively.  Our final bill was $40.  So, for $130, the dog got to stay in the "luxury" room for 8 nights and got bathed and groomed.  Pretty good deal because bathing and grooming by itself is between $45-$65 anyway.  Oh, and back to the mail, we processed the mail together - since no one likes to check-out junk mail - but this time we are glad we did.  There was a junk mail looking package from "Root" something - wouldn't you know it - someone filed a class suit against Honda for Sun Visor problems - and if you don't file the form - you get nothing if they recover.  We will be filing.  I am sure I posted months ago about my unhappiness with paying Honda around $90 to fix our drooping Sun Visor - safety hazard for sure - and the car, 08 Civic was not old - wasn't abused - and we always thought Honda had a great record for quality.  We were not happy with with the charge for the visor - and apparently - a whole of other people aren't either.  So hopefully, in a year or two, we will get our $90 back - because it appears to be a defect.  While we were in Canada - while watching cable - there were plenty of US channels.  I saw an ad for Macy's big sale.  We do not have a Macy's in this city - but where we are buying our foreclosed home - small city/town - there is one.  So, when they advertised their big Mattress sale - I paid attention.  This was one thing we decided we would buy new.  So, the lowest price was $39X for a queen sized set.  I got on the computer (free wi-fi) and was excited to be able to order through mypoints.  Well, I found a set that was $298 - internet special - but, I had to call to order.  So, we called toll free - and ordered 2 sets - one for us and one for our daughter and ordered frames and they will be delivered free.  I will eventually make or buy used headboards.  My husband and daughter left late yesterday evening to head to closing today.  We had enough points for them to stay at a hotel last night and tomorrow night too.  Apparently, in the state where this foreclosed property is, I will be on the deed for inheritance (survivorship) purposes - so, I don't need to sign.  Very odd - but I was happy - because I am still feeling tiny and a long drive surely would not help.  I am going to try to get a few thing done around the house - but that is it.  Much to my chagrin, I will miss a free mini Root Beer Float at Maggie Moos today, a free shampoo, style, blow-out at Ulta, and a free Lettuce Wrap at PFChangs today - but if you have one - hope you get to enjoy them.  The ice cream and hair appoints are totally free - I am sure you have to make a purchase at PF Changs.  Oh, and just before I kissed and waved good-bye to my husband and daughter yesterday evening - I asked my husband to check-out the yard-waste pile on the curb across the street.  Our newest neighbors must not know that it is for yard waste only.  It appears they cleaned out their garage.  I could see my old neighbors had a set of shelves in their drive-way - they are recyclers.  I could see planters and a wooden chair.  My husband grabbed 3 planters - but he said the wooden chair had a big crack.  This morning, I noticed the old neighbors put the rest of the planters in their recycle bin.  If I were feeling better, I'd go and see what else is in there - lots of lumber pieces.  But at the moment, we have enough projects going on and I need to declutter myself - hope someone gets to it.

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