Tuesday, March 13, 2012

3/13 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the day:  Pictured above are two "scrubs".  Scrubbing salts for cleaning our hands.  I used what I had and got 3 $1 ingredients from the Dollar Tree.  I got the idea this past weekend - we went to a swanky restaurnt and in the bathroom - instead of soap - they had the scrubbing salt and next to it was a sign that said we could purchase some.  Small canning jar was $28 plus tax - no thanks!  Plus, it was a bit greasy.  I figured they used sea salt, baby oil/mineral oil/and coconut fragrance.  I used the cute bowl/plate/spoon I got as a lot from the auction last year.  It needed a good cleaning - so, used the pictured "scrubber" formerly a potato sack.  Then just mixed in some creamy baby oil, epson salt, vanilla essence oil, and some coconut bath salt.  Works just as well - but a lot less greasy feeling - and more just moisturized feeling.  Got a bunch of errands done.  Tonight, for my guilty pleasure,while my daughter attends a tutoring session this afternoon at the bookstore, we will use the BOGO latte coupon and I will browse a bunch of magazines.  I need to get out there and plant my fig tree and herbs - they've been in the garage long enough.  It is such a beautiful day outside :).

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