Saturday, March 3, 2012

3/3 Expressions

Frugal deeds:  Yesterday was a wild day - weather-wise.  School got cancelled mid-day; Bathfitters reschedled; and guitar lessons were cancelled.  But, my husband and I each applied for the Chase Hyatt credit card (again, we pay ours off, don't carry a balance - and ymmv) so that we can get 2 nights free in Paris - "free" - we each will be paying $75 annual fee and we have to use the card once.  We are not sure if we will parlay the nights into 4 nights our trip - or 2 nights with 2 rooms - either way - a great savings on hotel rooms.  Also, we sold another item on Amazon.Com - so, our Paris fun money account is growing.  And on Listia - I "won" (with credits) a 4 pack of votives for my bathroom wall-decor which included free shipping - so, no money out from the household - and now my wall-hanging will get its final remaining votives.  I found 4 while going through a closet - I though I needed a total of 5 - but it has a holder for 6.  I also found long kitchen matches to light them.  Great for a relaxing bath - frugal way to reduce stress :)  Today, I will finally get around to making some bulk meals - use up the free shrimp from Earthfare in pasta with some veggies for my husband and me and veggie curry for my daughter.  This evening, our cheap meal at the Thai restaurant and I will stop at Aldi for some produce.  My husband will trim a few shrubs and hopefully, the HOA issue will be totally straightened out.

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