Sunday, March 25, 2012

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How to Save Money With Kids

If you have kids, you are likely aware of how important it is to them to have the best and newest items on the market. Unfortunately, keeping up with the Jones' is becoming increasingly difficult. While you are now likely telling your children “No” more often than ever before, there are still many items you will inevitably need to splurge on. Purchasing kid’s items, whether clothing or toys, can always be expensive, but there are definitely ways to minimize the damage! Follow these tips to keep your wallet as fat as possible.

1. Consignment Shop

Have you ever purchased something and kept it in your closet with the tags still on until you could no longer return it? Well, these are the items that make up many consignment shops. Consignment shops are not only a good place to purchase new or gently used items though. They are also a great place to go when you need to unload some stuff. Why not turn your unworn clothing into cash or at least store credit?

2. EBay

You can pick up many of today’s hottest fashions for next to nothing on EBay. Why spend more at the local department store, when you can hop online and find exactly what you are looking for for less, and have it delivered to you? Plus, shopping online helps to decrease impulse spending, because you aren’t walking through a retail establishment being enticed by everything that you see around you.

3. Yard Sales

You may think that you’re only find trash here, but yard and garage sales may just yield some really great finds. Targeting the better areas will help you find the best deals, so don’t just go to any sale that you see a flyer about. Don’t forget that the early bird always gets the worm, so don’t plan on sleeping in on Saturdays anymore!

4. Auctions

Lots of valuable items can be picked up at auctions or estate sales well below market value. Always keep your eyes open for these events in your community (try the newspaper). Attending one, especially during winter or during inclement weather, can provide some treasures for any kid’s room, or perhaps a new car. You may even be able to get an entirely new wardrobe in your child’s size for just one low price.

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