Friday, March 30, 2012

3/30 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the day: We took our Civic in for its 100K miles check-up - wow - Honda has a nice waiting lounge - tv, toys, coffee machine, fridge stocked with juices and water, and candy. I had a coffee - but when they told us the car needed new tires - suddenly, the bill would be a whole higher :( Oh well, my husband says they have donuts in the mornings . . . this time, I reminded him to use our frequent customer card - it saves us 15% - and in this case - it will be worth more than a sneeze and plus, it kicks out coupons - last time there was one for a free something. Tomorrow, my daughter and I both have appointments with beauty school - plus we both get a free service - a brow wax for me and a manicure for my daughter. Although I may switch my brow wax for free manicure since I just got them waxed last week. I had a doctor's appointment this morning - and my husband took me out for a late birthday lunch at Steak 'n Shake. Across the street was a Pier 1 import - and I just happen to have a giftcard. So, while my husband is finished his milk shake and went to pay - I waked across the parking lot to Pier 1. I found a rug - originally $49.99 for around $12 - my kind of rug for the foyer and then there was a metal wall hanging - of fish - mostly browns - great for the condo since the floral design is okay - but the fish will pop. They were $59 - and I got them for $19. So, the cashier convinced me to sign up the new Pier 1 credit card - I will

get a $20 giftcard and a 20% off coupon she says - in about a week.  I still have my giftcard since I had to change something on the new card and will get 4 points per dollar.  So, when I get coupon and giftcard - I plan to purchase a fireplace screen - was $99 - and with the gift card I have - should be less than an addtional $10 out of my pocket.

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