Friday, March 2, 2012

3/2 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the day:  Prior to leaving for my dental appointment this morning, I wrote a letter to the Board of our HOA - and the President did call my husband and apologize and stated that their actions were unwarranted.  I just don't get the bad manners - especially by a group of people who should check and monitor each others actions.  So, one annoying problem out of the way and the threat of a $100 fine is out the window.  So yup, sometimes a letter calling out those who should know better works.  We are experiencing bad weather.  Today, I plan to cook ahead some meals - but today, dinner will be a coupon for a large take'n bake and tomorrow, dinner will be the combination of a check and a groupon that cost $10 and tip.  I still plan to keep cleaning the closets and look for organizing resources from around the house.  So far, I have saved 2 egg cartons - I was thinking of painting them - but will probably leave them as they are - to use for desk drawers to organize small items.  My husband has been a big help in helping to declutter, etc.  Other than gassing up the car, and stopping at Aldi for some great produce deals - and the aforementioned meals out, that should be the extent of our spending this weekend.

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