Saturday, August 20, 2011

8/20 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the day - Early this morning, my daughter and I headed to Kohl's with our free $10 e-mail - we intended to get a free shower liner - and they happen to be on sale for $8.88 - instead, we upgraded to a mildew resistant one and ended up paying $3.06 out of pocket for one that was originally priced at $19.99 before tax.  Then we headed to the farmer's market - got 3 more tubs of goat cheese for no additional money out of pocket - but did spend just over $10 for fresh basil, grape tomatoes, peaches, and a butternut squash.  I had an appointment with the accupuncturist - but he was backed-up - so, I rescheduled.  But since we were in the area, my daughter and I used my free $20 gift card from and we each got a gourmet sandwich - and we had our own water.  Then to Goodwill - we found 5 designer dresses for $5.XX each and a pair of designer flats for $4.  I, on the other hand found a beautiful carved frame (gold) and a beautiful, framed, water color print of irises (my favorite flower) for $30 total.  Then on to Plato's Closet with a small box of stuff - and we added one of the Goodwill dresses - it is 100% silk, was NWT, originally $140 - but if they don't "buy it" (we will stop at Plato's tomorrow afternoon) - I plan to make some throw pillows from the silk.  Have you seen the prices for decorative pillows?  High.High.High.  Then to Costco's - while the samples were wonderful - I did spend more than I originally intended.  Then to Earth Fare - I had a coupon for a free 1/2 lb of shrimp with a purchase of $5 - and they had wonderful samples too.  Dropped stuff off at home, went to a 1 hour guitar lesson, then to Kroger to return a free DVD rental, and pick-up a free Cliff protein bar (which caused the register to kick out another coupon for a free bar and a $1 off a bar coupon too).   Will go back later for those.  Then to the gym.  Being frugal can be exhausting :)  Added:  I also just earned enough points on to order a 1 year's subscription to Marie Claire's magazine.

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