Sunday, August 28, 2011

8/28 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the day:  Really, I wasn't going to use one coupon today :)  But, our printer is almost out of black ink - so, while looking at the Target advertisement - buy a combo pack get a $10 Target Gift Card - so I went to the closest one - it was out but they checked the other one in town and they had 4 and reserved 2 for me.  But before I went there, I signed up for the e-mail 20% off for Bed Bath & Beyond and had an ancient one in my coupon envelope.  As I mentioned earlier, if we can get a good price for "this" home next summer, we will sell since my husband's new employer will pick-up selling costs (including realtor fees) for up to two years after he accepted his new position.  So, now, we are thinking about staging my daughter's bathroom.  Since Glidden has some coupons out for paint at Wal-mart, we thought we'd get some.  (Well, so far, I cannot find those coupons - I may have left them at work - because I already printed the max).  I got her a really nice shower curtain and hooks that were originally $39 (reduced to $29) and hooks $12.99 - after coupons, sale, and my freebie $25 giftcard from using points earned on my credit card - I ended up paying $13.XX which included the tax.  Anyway, I made it to the other Target with some coupons, bought my 2 packages of of combo ink and got 2 $10 gift cards.  Then I proceeded to finish grocery shopping and picked up some household items too, after coupons and gift card, I got out of there for $10.XX.  Now, I have plenty of food for a short work week.

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