Thursday, August 25, 2011

8/25 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the day:  One of my co-workers left a large bag of okra for the taking.  I put a couple of handfuls in my lunch bag.  I want to use them to make seafood gumbo - don't want to attempt fried.  Mail was good!  My daughter got her boots from and I got a refund check.  I also got a refund check from my daughter's dermatologist.  This is a first.  I rarely go to the appointments - but every time I have - he has given me a freebie.  Nice not to get a bill.  My husband fulfilled his requirement for 50,000 bonus points from Citibank's Mastercard - unfortunately, it says it could take 1-2 billing periods before the points are available for redemption.  I was so hoping to order some giftcards already.  Tonight, I am giving myself a break from the "Y" and cleaning . . . I am going to Craft tonight - cut that silk dress-up and sew the fabric into decorator pillows and I want to find some satin around here to make my daughter a satin pillow - she thinks it will keep her hair from tangling.  Okay - we will give it a whirl.  I tried a satin pillow once and didn't like it because my head kept sliding around.

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