Monday, August 8, 2011

8/8 Expressions

Wow - is all I can say about the stock market.  It made me S-I-C-K - literally.  I developed an awful headache - I am sure looking at the ending numbers did not help.  Mail today was awfully boring.  I gave myself a french manicure at lunch and cleaned out my coupon envelope.  Tomorrow, I plan to cut some coupons and cull them.  I am going to make a list and do a better job at using them.  I have decided to buy non-perishables at a good price and send them "home" with my husband - since he will use coupons now if handed to him - but doesn't actively look for them.  Added:  Mail was not boring, I got a $10 Panera Gift Card from Mypoints.  Great for my geographical bachelor to have a treat or two.  Also, while cleaning out the coupon envelope in my purse, I found a dime - the last one I needed to make a $5 roll of dimes to deposit the next time I go to the bank.

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