Saturday, August 6, 2011

8/6 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the day:  Instead of my husband driving to visit us - my daughter and I went to visit him.  I got to see the "new" house first hand and I like it.  It still needs a bit more work - but, it is getting there.  Unfortunately, it looks like the neighbor's house may be in foreclosure.  The grass is three feet high - no sign of anyone around - no window treatments, etc.  Anyway, on our way up, my daughter and I stopped at Bruegger's and got a BOGO cream cheese bagel.  Then stopped at the Murphy's gas station and got a free a free pack of gum and at the Pilot gas station and we each got a free 44 oz drink with a facebook coupon.  While visiting my husband, he got a coupon flyer from Speedway - free panini, free smoothie, free frapuccino, and $4 for a large 1 topping pizza.  Hey, we don't get great coupons like that around here :(  Anyway, he is starting to get the hand of coupons - he got the pizza - and ate half and will eat the other tomorrow.  Also, we went to Wal-mart and used a handful of coupon - now his pantry is stocked and we saved over $20 with coupons.  My daughter visited 3 thriftstores - and the prices are much better there - she got a new "Express" dress for just over $1.  There was a small rip in the seam - easy to fix.  But alas, she is not convinced she wants to transfer schools.  My husband also booked our tickets to France next year.  The good news is - British Airways is having a sale - so, we only used my husband's miles 100,000 for 4 economy class tickets - and we still have my 100,000 for more travel.  The not so great news is - it cost us $540.XX per ticket in fuel surcharges, and other fees.  But even so, for the three of us - it is still cheaper than an economy class ticket.  And my daughter's friend's parents are thrilled that their daughter can travel so cheaply.  We will book the hotel closer to the travel dates - and hope they have a points sale.  May be with this "bad" economy - they will continue to discount the points needed for the hotel.  Anyway, we will be staying 7 nights :)  Mail these last few days was good - I got some great coupons from Kroger - including a free bag of frozen veggies.  I also got my shopgoodwill "winnings" - a shirt and shoes for my daughter.  The stock market on Thursday made me sick, but I am glad I listened to my husband and moved the majority of our retirement funds into the most conservative fund - so far, it has lost nothing - but of course the return is quite paltry also - but in this instance - I much prefer it to a huge drop.

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