Tuesday, August 16, 2011

8/16 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the day:  Today, at lunch, I mainly cut coupons.  I gave a few "trade-secrets" to my office-mates who are really interested in clipping coupons and saving money.  One was excited she saved $10 just using internet printable coupons yesterday.  Now, I have introduced them to double coupon stores and stores that allow more than one coupon per item - namely Publix oh, and told them to ask for the rebate form for the buy $30 in groceries - at least $15 in Con Agra products and get a $10 Amazon or Publix gift card - can't beat that :).  I also gave them a few web-sites to check-out (not mine) - ahem, I am doing this anonymously :)  Tomorrow, I will go through flyers, and match them to my coupons and make a list for Friday - my "day off".  I want to get back into couponing - I used to be much more dilligent - but have been lax.  But now that I don't come home every afternoon for lunch - I can use some time to clip, sort, and match.  I really need to get to the "Y" - but have decided to devote some more time to deep cleaning.  Doing a little at a time sure beats doing it all at once.  Added:  I just did some grocery maintenance - I had 2 sad looking bananas - peeled, cut them in half horizontally, skewered them with a chopstick and put them in the banana pops baking dish I have in the freezer.  When I get about 8 halves, I melt chocolate, butter and maybe a few nuts in the microwave, coat the frozen bananas and set them on wax paper to dry - and then cut the wax paper up to freeze them.  Also, I took 3 small containers of soup broth and leftovers and have a pot of soup on the stove - I also added some leftover brown rice from the fridge, 1/2 a bag of chopped spinach from the freezer, 1/2 a package of mashed potato flakes - and that will be enough for several dinners.

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