Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the day:  This afternoon, I wanted to get some baking and meals cooked ahead.  With some planning, I used up stuff that needed to be used up and made efficient use of the oven.  The weather is cooler - so the heat was not a bother.  Also, since my daughter came home with 3 re-usable containers from her friends last week with a bunch of different cake servings, I wanted to return the favor.  So, I finally made the fig cake (except - they are in cupcake paper -with a sprinkle of powered sugar - and are pretty tasty if I do say so myself.)  Right now, I have banana/walnut muffins in the oven with lemon bars.  We will put some in the containers and take them over shortly and stop at the gym on the way home.  Then, we will relax, get ready for our mystery dinner shop for dinner.  I have seafood gumbo going in the crockpot - it was a hit last week.  This time, instead of heavy cream - we will be using half and half since it was on manager's special and a 1/3 of the price of the heavy cream.  I have the squash in the oven baking with the desserts.  In addition, I have some chicken broth cooking up in the oven too.  I put a few rotisserie chicken wings with water and cut up some carrots, our home grown pears, asparagus "tails" and ends and a bit of sea salt in a small glass container.  As for the asparagus, I made a salad with the garlic/vinegarette dressing I got from Earthfare.  I also added some tomatoes, onion, and fresh basil.  Instead of eating the mixture as is - my daughter loves the stuff - we tried it at the store - mine will be a "dressing" on my organic salad mix (from Costco) - for my lunches this week.  We will have butternut squash and gumbo soups for dinners these next couple of days - to go along with the weather.  I also cooked up the last of my free with coupon saffron rice mix to add to the soups for extra bulk.  Oh, instead of taking a shower at the gym - we have decided to let my husband give notice to quit - and we will no longer have gym fees after the end of October - we have to give 30 days notice.  I will walk in the neighborhood - or use our equipment.  So, that will more than cover the water bill - and probably the garabage fee too.

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