Monday, September 5, 2011

9/5 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the day:  We have/had non-stop rain - which is great for the plants!  I am fortunate in that I did get the day "off" from my day job :)  Today, I took my daughter to Michael's to get some art supplies - no additional $ out of pocket as we used the giftcard and coupons and we still have $ left on the giftcard.  Then to Target - my shopping hint - print off the Merona and Moisimo brand coupons - we printed 2 each and had some other coupons - but my daughter got 2 pairs of shorts for free with the coupon - and we got 2 skirts (t-shirt for swimsuit cover-ups) that were $3 each - but because the coupons did not scan, the cashier took the full $5 off each item - but the ones that did scan - we did not get overage - the 2 shorts were $4.XX - and we got $4.XX off instead of the $5 value of the coupon.  We also picked up a few groceries with coupons.  Then to the Dollar Tree - got some more Nature's Own bread for the freezer - and a few other items.  I used my credit card that has a credit on it - so, no additional $ out.  My daughter and I also treated ourselves to a "tall" drink at Starbucks in Target with my Starbucks giftcard.  So, total additional charges for today will be around $25.  I am going to make some salads and my "food" for tomorrow and get my clothes ready for work tomorrow.  Whatever time I have left will be devoted to sewing.  My daughter found a vintage cashmere sweater that belonged to her grandmother - I am going to rip the lining out since it is falling out in anyway.  The newspaper delivery person left me the daily paper for today.

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