Friday, September 30, 2011

9/30 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the day:  I got my Brita Pitcher from Wal-mart which was just under $9 and used my $5 off coupons and I will be sending in for a $10 rebate.  I also bought a bag of Doritos so that I could have a receipt for 2 - to get a $5 rebate.  Today was the last day to purchase for the Doritos form.  Nice thing is - I used my Wal-mart gift card - so, no charges to my credit card to pay off.  My husband and daughter went to guitar lessons, on the way home, they will stop to get a ream of paper and I will mail in that rebate and they will pick-up the dry cleaning that I used the discount coupon for.  I plan to plant a few house plants to donate to my daughter for her yard sale tomorrow.  I already donated the pitcher.  Hope she gets rid of a bunch of junk that will be a treasure to someone else and she has extra pocket money.  Added:  In the mail, I got a free survival tool from - quite interesting.  I also paid the HELOC down to $0 :)  Now on to other goals.  The realtor contacted me about beach front properties . . . still no deal to jump at me.  Hopefully soon.  Our condo association is having its annual meeting in early November . . . good thing because November is a slow month.  So, if they can finish the annual condo inspection (to stay in the rental program), we can go down there and make small repairs/updates and attend the meeting.  If the realtor can find some great deals by then, we can probably look that weekend too.

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