Thursday, September 15, 2011

9/15 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the day:  Pictured above is my lone Jerusalem Artichoke from Freecycle.  I got the tubers the same time as I got the tipped over cannas (from a storm last month) about two years ago.  I thought the the "artichokes" were "goners" - but I have one - the yellow flower - in case you have never heard of them.  Anyway, apparently you can eat the tubers - and they multiply on their own.  Perhaps next year I can look for a recipe :)  At work today, we got a promotional pen (very nice) and a small bottle of hand sanitizer.  I chatted with the real estate agent about the condo that is a potential shortsale - it has very low gross annual rents.  I asked why - and he thinks it is because the units have enclosed balconies.  I gave a price of 25% lower than asking - he said the bank wouldn't take it.  I said that is fine, but if they change their mind - I would be willing to come and look at the condo.  The negatives - its maintenance fee is higher than average; it is an older bldg - and the kitchen has not been upgraded - meaning harvest gold appliances, and the televisions would need to be upgraded - and of course - lower rental desirability because of the balconies.  So, I will keep looking.  This unit is a 2 bedroom and is earning less than 1/2 of the rents from our 1 bedroom is earning this year.  I am wondering if it might not be because of the economy - people are more apt to rent 1 bedrooms - therefore the vacancy rate is lower?  The reason we want a 2 bedroom is that although the 1 bedroom has a queen sofa sleeper - we would like to have it so that no one sleeps in the living room.  In addition, my husband and I are thinking we may eventually retire there - and we would always have a bedroom ready for our daughter, her future family, guests, etc.  We will also have our 1 bedroom for income - but also for overflow . . . I am so very lucky to have such a patient husband :)  But he agreed, if we can find one at a bargain, we would jump at it now.  Oh, in the mail, I got a coupon for a free steak dinner at The Outback!

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