Thursday, September 8, 2011

9/8 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the day:  During lunch today, I called in my catalogues/magazines - one of my side incomes - doesn't earn me much cash - but I get 10 first class postage stamps per month; a nice tin of cashews during the month of December, and usually a check for $30 at the beginning of the year as a "thank-you" for the extra "load".  I would say during the week, I "report" about 7-10 catalogues/magazines - not much - I call a toll-free number and key-in the identifying numbers.  I also get some nice magazines - mostly children's - that I cut my address label off of - and give to a co-worker with 2 toddlers.  After I keyed in the magazines - while eating my home-made salad - I read through my mystery shop assignment - which required a call - I made that call.  So this got me thinking - how many ways do I make/save money - let me try to count the ways.  Maybe one by itself won't make me rich - but together, they add up - especially over the long haul.  So, the ways I make money:  my day job (and in this day and age, I am very grateful for it) - not only do I earn $ - but there are hidden benefits - like my employer's contribution to my 401K, retirement plan, health plan, etc.  Next, we collect rent from our rental properties - some month are better than others :)  We invested in stocks - some of them pay dividends.  We try to keep only what we need to in our check account and transfer any excess to savings and earn a bit of interest - currently, my credit union is paying .50% - better than nothing - and one bank pay around 2% - but it requires a direct deposit, so many of this, that and the other . . . As I said, I am also a  "mail decoy" and occasional mystery shopper.  Another way I earn $ is to strategically sign up and use credit cards:  this year, I earned 100,000 miles from British Airways - enough for several flights; I earned 2 free flights on Southwest Airlines; and I am about to earn a 50,000 Citibank Bonus - good toward $500 in gift certificate (note:  I am not advocating signing up for credit cards - YMMV - also, on all three, for the first time in a long time - I paid an annual use fee ranging from $95-$125 - but the net result is still worth it to me).  I shop through mypoints and ebates and earn a few giftcards or cash rebate from them.  I used to do surveys, but just don't make the time to do them any more.  Saving $:  I send in rebates, I use coupon (although on occasion - coupons can cause a small earning), consigning a few things and a yardsale or two a year help us re-coup some of $ we spent on stuff in the first place.  I am sure there are more - but that's all that I can think of for now.  I just thought it was interesting that some of them just take a few minutes of my time, and some not at all.

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