Saturday, September 24, 2011

9/24 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the day:  Early this a.m., I had an appointment and my daughter went with me.  Then we headed to Plato's with a box full of stuff.  (Only 1 item was sold for a little pocket change for my daughter).  Then we went to Costco - easy, peasy, I gave them my $18.XX check and they handed me $50 in cash for being an Executive member.  I also bought organic salad mix for my lunches this week $4.29 - and my daughter got a large bag of Kettle corn.  We also purchased a baked sandwich type thing - and split it between the two of us for our lunch - we ate it in the car with our own water.  Then we stopped by Starbucks with my giftcard and had a drink - sadly, no grounds at this one.  Then we headed to Rite Aid.  I had $13 in UP rewards to spend.  So, I got a multi-vitamin and my daughter decided to try biotin.  To spend up the rewards, I also purchased a box of black/orange pekoe tea - 80 bags for $1.  After UP rewards, I paid $1.35 out of pocket - mostly for tax.  Since we were close to home, we stopped, and unloaded and picked-up our Kroger receipt that we forgot.  We then headed to Lowes with my discounted gift card and we purchased either 50% or 75% off plants - 2 grapes, 2 blueberries, and 2 roses.  Then we also got paint for the bathroom - wow, when did paint become so expensive.  1 gallon of paint, and 1 gallon of primer = $55.  We did look at the oops paint - there were only about 5 and none of them were what we were looking for.  Then we headed to Kroger.  Got our chapstick and a price adjustment - charged $6.99 for a $2.99 item (had a $1 off coupon too).  I asked about their policy to give the first mis-priced item for free?  They said that only applies to items under $5 :(  Well, we scoured the store for manager specials and we scored:  veggie tray for $1.99, speciality whole wheat bread .99, large prepared salad for $2.49, portobello mushrooms .50, and button mushrooms .50.  Then we went to the "International Market".  We noticed that an "Indian Spice Market" store had opened.  Wow - I got a sandwich size bag of whole cloves for $1.99.  Last year I looked for the stuff in the store and I swear, it was around $9 for a small bottle.  I wanted to use them for pomanders - but for $9 a bottle - and I seriously doubt it would cover an orange - I didn't attempt it.  But for $1.99 - I will be trying it.  Also got cinnamon sticks for around the same price too.  Went to the international market and got 6 plums for $1.29, other fresh veggies and frozen items on sale.  Then we got home - and picked up the mail.  Rent check - I wasn't expecting much since our townhouse needed a new stove/installaltion/removal - plus, we only wanted a glass top.  Even so, we got a nice check.  So, I will have enough to pay off the HELOC without any problems.  However, I found 2 more short sale beach front properties we are interested.  The realtor is looking up rental and comparable information.  I am thinking I may want to only pay 1/2 the HELOC and pay the other half next month because the interest will be less than $20 - as we may need some "earnest" money if we end up making an offer . . . now, my daughter and I need to get some work done around the house.  The weather is gorgeous and comfortable.  Instead of going to the "Y" - we will walk the dog for exercise.

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