Monday, September 12, 2011

9/12 Expressions

Mail call:  we got a rent check and .30 from Tim Horton's.  Finished the mystery shopping report.  We got dumped out a couple of times from the system - but, I think it went through.  Anyway, the meal was fantastic :)  Lots of stuff to do this weekend.  My new favorite thriftshop is having its grand opening this Friday - and I am "off" from my day job.  So, I think I will invite my husband out for a cheap date - they are serving free hot dogs, hamburgers and drinks ;)  Also giving away door prizes - and may be they will have a thing or two I am looking for :)  My "garden" was a bust this year - but, it looks like a small watermelon is trying to thrive.  It is about 1 inch in diameter . . . hope it makes it.  I watered it today.  I still need to get out in the yard and pull a few weeds.  Hopefully I really will get to it tomorrow.  Today, I was able to sign-up for a coupon for a free "Old Orchard" juice coupon and a $3 coupon - both required a short survey - I felt they were worth it for about 2 minutes of work.  

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