Tuesday, September 6, 2011

9/6 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the day:  When I checked my e-mail this morning, I got an assignment to do a mystery shop at a nice restaurant in town this week - pays for the food and a decent report writing fee.  My daughter is sick today, and I was surprised to get in and out of the Doctor's office in less than 15 minutes.  Is it because of the economy?  And, there were coupons for Eucerin - which I passed up - but there were several pads of $1 of Activia - so, I got 2 of those coupons :)  What was even a bigger shocker - there is a jar of candy - there is a sign on it - 1 per person.  And, I submitted my daughter's rx to the Rite Aid Pharmacy - they are always so nice.  (Drove up with our dog and they offered her a biscuit - which she refused).  Anyway, there was a flyer in the bag that says they have a 15 minute guarantee and if they don't have the rx by then, they will give you a $5 giftcard.  Of course I told them I'd be back in an hour - so, no idea if they took more than 15 minutes - but competition is now serious.  And my out-of-pocket for the rx was just over $2?  What does that say about the economy?   I am going to try and work on a project the rest of the afternoon.  I may try to hit the gym - although it is still drizzling outside - and people don't drive as well in bad weather . . . or that could be an excuse.  I was hoping the mail would be here by now - but I guess the weather is affecting delivery too?  Stock market made me want to cry.  Added:  Oh and another bit of good e-mail news, the community yardsale is 3 weeks away.  Hope my daughter is as successful this time as she was the last time in selling our junque and in earning herself some spending money.  I will enjoy less clutter :)  Added:  Mail today was fantastic.  A good friend sent me some nice coupons to use.  Also in the mail - I got a free glass from New Castle Brown Ale - very nice freebie, and I got 3 Suave travel sized items with 3 coupons - very useful - body wash, lotion, and dry shampoo.

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