Tuesday, September 20, 2011

9/20 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the day:  I received my free Woman's Day magazine and my husband received his Popular Mechanics.  Today, I got my Costco anniversary rebate - $18.XX.  Since I signed up for the executive membership, I believe they have a guarantee of atleast $50 - so, I will be asking for my almost $32 back.  In addition, I don't plan to renew my membership.  First of all, it is out of the way.  Secondly, I am a coupon shopper, so, there isn't much that's much cheaper there for me.  So, for now, I can say I tried it and it doesn't for us.  I guess thirdly, my husband has moved to an area without a Costco - so, we need it even less.  My daughter learned the lesson of making a phone call and saving a few bucks.  She returned her LL Bean backpack - but before she returned it, she asked if she'd still get free shipping and monogramming like her returned item.  They said yes.  I got an e-mail statement saying it was an even exchange.  But I got a bill in the mailbox for $6 in monogramming fees.  I asked my daughter to call and straighten it out.  In two minutes, they had it taken care of - she said - wow, in 2 minutes, I saved $6.  So, our rental condo had a week's booking drop off starting this Saturday.  I asked my husband to call and find out - was some broken?  Wouldn't you know it, we now have an 8 day reservation.  Was it coincidental - or was is the they know we are monitoring the reservations?  Today, before heading to the "Y" - I called and asked the exact date our membership would discontinue.  The person answering said I have to stop attending the end of this month - but, that they would draft another payment in October since we turned in our termination notice 2 days after it drafted this month.  My husband was told our membership ends 30 days after the last draft - making this 14 November.  So, my husband is going to call back tomorrow morning and find out what the real deal is.

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