Wednesday, October 12, 2011

10/12 Expressions

The insurance adjustor called today.  He said the insurance company will not cover the flooring in the laundry room.  Vinyl flooring continues from kitchen into the laundry room.  Well, we wanted to replace our water heater anyway - either with a tankless - or at least with one with a larger capacity as only one person can shower/bathe at a time - and has to wait for the water to re-heat.  Also, when we had a home inspection done, the inspector said the heater only had about 5 years of life left and we have been here 5 years.  So, including my $1,000 deductible, it will cost $1,6XX to install tile (we get to pick) this includes the tile price and also to do the laundry room.  If we provide the water heater, they will install it at no additional costs since they have to remove it and the washer/dryer to do the tile installation and re-install the appliances.  Works for us.  These things were in the "plan" anyway.  And, while I was thinking about not listing our home for sale this summer - before the 2 years is up for my husband's new employer to pay for selling expenses because property prices dropped and houses seemed to be sitting forever; when we drove home today, we noticed the neighbor has a "pending" sign in her lawn.  She must have had an "exclusive" sales agreement because we never saw a "for sale" sign out.  But there were tale tell signs - she had granite installed a few months ago.  She cleaned out her garage and updated her landscape.  I believe her husband is retiring and none of their daughters live in the area.  Perhaps they are moving to be closer to a daughter.  Anyway, seems homes are selling faster - one up the street sold in a week - not sure what the sales price was.  So, I wil not make any hasty decisions - and perhaps this updating/upgrading for us is coming at a good time.  As for mail, I have not been getting any freebies worth remembering - but my husband has been getting a few at our "new" home ;)  I even sent him 2 cards for free, including postage from an on-line deal.  I rolled .50 in pennies.  So, my next visit to the bank - that will get deposited.  Hoping some rebate checks roll in too.  I am keeping my eyes open for one more property at the beach.  Nothing extremely exciting yet.  Perhaps in November when we will probably go down to do our annual maintenance trip.

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