Sunday, October 9, 2011

10/9 Expressions

What a mild weathered day.  We bbq'd and my dad brought over a pumpkin pie.  He was grousing about the size of the pie - he seems to think the size has shrunk and the price is a bit higher.  I do remember reading about a pumpkin shortage :(  We have leftovers to last a few more meals - so, no cooking for a while.  We got in a bit more cleaning.  I finally used my batenburg lace table cloth - with my $1.98 Wal-mart plastic sheet - off the roll in the fabric department.  It is nice to change-up the look every once in a while.  I went to Publix yesterday afternoon and got $25 worth of P&G products (actually it was more like $28 worth - and spent $10 after coupons - and $3 of that was taxes.  I want to mail in for the "pink" bake ware - looks like a great set with a $40 value.  Most of my bake ware is starting to look pretty shabby.

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