Saturday, October 15, 2011

10/15 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the day:  Pictured are my $1.99 each price matched pumpkins.  One will be a decoration for a while and the other will probabaly become puree and the seeds roasted shortly.  I was hoping to keep both of them out as decoration for a while - but one has a bit of a soft spot - so, might as well get to it before it goes bad.  Today on the agenda, my daughter has steamed clothes to take to the consignment store and to find out if she has any $ from her previous consignment.  We also plan to take her no longer played electronic games to Best Buy and hope she can trade them in for Best Buy gift card $.  Across the street from Best Buy is the Dollar Tree that has frozen foods for sale.  Will stop in there to get some $1 for 2 ready to go pie crusts.  The potatoes, onion, sausage concoction I made in the crockpot was delicious.  I didn't make much . . . but it is gone.  So, I have a second batch going.  Used up the rest of the potatoes, 3 packs of the all natural chicken sausage - 2 sweet because they have blueberries mixed in - that were on sale at Publix, this time, I snuck in 2 organic carrots that I want to use up, a few apples and two onions that I sliced and carmelized.  That should be dinner for the next couple of nights for us.  This afternoon, I plan to make some apple pies, and roast the pumpkin and its seeds.  Tomorrow, I plan to make a large tub of salads for lunches - I have a large eggplant, an onion, and will see what else sounds like it should be mixed in to stretch and use up what we have around here.  I am thinking maybe some brown rice.  The dishwasher and washing machine are running, we hope to tackle some cleaning chores today.  Oh, I scheduled a 1 hour facial for both my daughter and myself for next week.  They were $29 a piece though Groupon. 

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