Monday, October 31, 2011

10/31 Expressions

I am waiting to give our a few treats this evening.  But I spent 10 minutes on the phone, my husband spent another 5 and we made $40 :)  How you say?  Uh remember a couple of months we said we were switching our internet/phone provider because they doubled on us?  The representative told my husband the gaining company would take care of disconnection.  New to us - but okay.  We figured they told us that so that the losing company wouldn't get a chance to meet or beat our new rate.  Well, apparently, they can disconnet the phone - but not the internet.  So, we got a bill for $116.XX for 2 months of internet service from the losing company.  Yup, I got on the phone - and worked my up.  Even asked for the president of the company's address - they gave me the chief customer relations person . . . and another supervisor would be calling.  In any case, they would not credit this amount because we did not call them.  Next call, the gaining company, they apologized - and gave us a $40 credit - and also said they would send us a print-out that shows we were using their internet service and not the losing company's.  Okay, no call back from the manager and I am tired of talking.  So, I have my husband call the losing company to give them one more chance stating that we have proof we did not use their service, that their business practices were deceptive and that we would be writing not only to their customer service representative - but also will copy the attorney general of our state - uh, hold the phone - they credited the entire $116.XX - and we will have 2 months of credit from from our gaining company :)  Oh, tile has been grouted - and we get the hot water heater, washer, dryer, stove back tomorrow . . . may be a temporary sink because the cabinets have not been refinished and probably won't be until the end of the week.

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