Tuesday, October 25, 2011

10/25 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the day:  That stock market jinx :(  I was so close to a second milestone - and now I am back to playing paddle ball again - back and forth, back and forth, in.the.same.range :(  In other news, we own some beachfront property with 73 other people.  Long story, when the hurricanes tore through, our building was heavily damaged.  Then a big talking investment group came through and they were going to pay us 4X's what we paid :)  By the time the deal came through, the second hurricane further damaged the building and the economy.  We got earnest $ from them twice - and finally, they walked :(  So, instead of fixing the building with the insurance money, we tore it down.  Anyway, sneaky BP used our property for staging equipment - and claimed they didn't.  Turns out, some photos were published in the local paper, clearly showing the equipment on our land.  So, without a lawsuit, they handed over $12,500 for the use - each owner is getting a check for $171 - just in time for the holidays!  Not much - but better than nothing.  I am thinking an attorney has been contact for other damages?  Sure glad I don't have to deal with them any longer  . . . I am not going to my day job tomorrow.  The kitchen demolition crew will be in to take the floorng and cabinets out and either dry the subflooring - or get a determination to tear it out.  I will be up late - finishing up the emptying of the cabinets.  Oh, and my daughter and I got paid for our restaurant mystery shop :)

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