Sunday, October 23, 2011

10/23 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the day:  The picture with bad lighting (artificial since it was taken this evening) is my frugal project.  I mentioned I "won" a box of vintage linens.  Included were the 4 embroidered tea towels (I believe they were made from feed sacks?).  And the middle one was made from some fabric - because the edges were sewn under.  Anyway, the "flower" hanger I got about 6-8 years ago for my daughter's room when the internet deals were flying.  I doubt I paid more than $5 for thing shipped.  Anyway, she no longer wanted it.  So, I found a spot for it in the kitchen for those towels to be displayed.  I used leftover craft ribbon to tie them to the flower peg - I had enough green for the 4 feed sack towels and had a bit of pink for the leftover? fabric towel.  People "back then" turned ordinary "stuff" into useful and beautiful to me towels.  I am happy to have found a place to hang them.  I hope my daughter learns a lesson from them - back them it really was waste not, want not, reduce, re-use, and recycle at its best :)  For 'frugal fun" - my daughter and I decided to go to our local tv station's open house - because my husband wanted to watch his beloved Bears play in London.  We really must be in a recession because the place was jammed packed and the line went on forever.  We finally got in and saw the studio.  It is true, somethings should be left to the imagination.  The anchor desk, weather map looks much more impressive on tv.  It looked like a warehouse set-up for a play or something to me.  Anyway, my daughter and I put our names in for a drawing of 200 tv antennaes.  Hope we win one - maybe we will get a call tomorrow.  We each also got a free adult sized rain poncho - it was that or an ice scrapper.  My neighbor, who is moving is still setting stuff out on the curb.  Today, my daughter asked if I would go with her - she wanted to trash-pick about 10 wooden picture frames in varying conditions.  Some will definitely need some paint - other looked nice as they were.  And finally, after we took my husband to the airport, we went to Michaels to get some scrapbook supplies for her English project.  We saved $10 by waiting until today, after 4 to use coupons.  We also stopped at Wal-mart and gassed up the car - using the WM giftcard.  Then went inside and picked up a few things - including the yummy La Creme coffee creamer which has a rebate on it.  I will be mailing that out tomorrow and will also be enjoying the creamer.  Then we stopped at Rite Aid.  I had $3.99 in UP rewards.  They have that X-tra detergent on sale - 3 for $6 and get $2 UP rewards.  My husband likes the stuff - and since he refuses to use homemade - the least I can do it try to get him the commercial stuff for a "cheap" as possible.  So, I spent a few bucks and since my daughter was with me, I used the $2 UP rewards from the detergent for her favorite Kettle corn.  For just over $3 - we got a family sized bag of "Indiana Kettle Corn", 3 X-tra liquid detergent - I believe each bottle is suppose to do up to 44 loads of laundry - so, that should last him several months.  Added:  we almost put in an offer for a foreclosed beach condo yesterday.  Until we found it - it cannot be rented out.  Strange - but the association voted to become non-rental - those already renting were grandfathered - but once sold - no renting.  That is probably why the unit went into foreclosure and is selling for approximately 1/3 of the high price.  Sure isn't worth even that to us if we can't rent it.

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