Sunday, October 2, 2011

10/2 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the day:  Today we shopped at Wal-mart and got groceries, a bag of mulch, and a bag of potting soil.  Used a WM gift card - so, no money to be "paid" out of any future earnings.  We got some cleaning/laundry done.  I finally got around to planting the discounted plants - about time :)  We have Columbus day off.  We have decided to do a final bbq this weekend.  (We only did one this year).  I did some bulk cooking to cut down on some cooking time and to keep from being tempted to eat out - or stray from healthy eating.  I used up the bok choy I got from the Asian market last week - in the crockpot.  Used up some organic milk before it went "bad" to make 2 buttermilk pies.  Also baked some salmon fillets with the pies.  The heat from the oven was wecomed - it was a bit chilly today.  I used up some spa samples to wash my hair - nice smell green tea stuff.  Also gave myself a facial.  I was very tempted to head to ULTA to get one there - so, I saved myself $35 :)

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