Sunday, October 30, 2011

10/30 Expressions

Pictured is the tile that got installed today.  Tomorrow, is the grout.  So, it looks like a few more days without appliances.  What we miss the most is the hot water heater.  The water was so cold, it practically knocked the wind out of me when I hopped into the shower.  My daughter and I have our treats ready to take to our respective places and we are ready for any treaters that may come by.  I got a large bag of mini candy bars from Rite Aid almost a month ago for next to nothing.  I also have 4 10 counts of Wendy's Frosty Jr. coupons.  I brought the pumpkin in.  As soon as the oven gets install, that pumpkin is going to turn in to puree.  The last time I left my pumpkin, someone took it and placed it in my neighbor's yard.  We picked up a few more microwavable meals this evening and some cheap socks at the Dollar Tree.  Oh yeah, we miss the wash machine and dryer too.

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