Saturday, October 22, 2011

10/22 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the day:  My daughter and I went to our facial appointment and had a great time.  We also stopped at the Dollar Tree - no pie crusts on the shelf yet.  I did get a few more items for the condo - pancake turner, muffin pan, veggie peeler.  We stopped at the thrift store - and found not one thing we needed or wanted.  Then to Applebees - the gift card I purchased about a month ago with the Murphy's Oil $1 off any gift card coupon - had $0.  Good thing I kept my receipt and the cashier remembered me - so, we paid for our meal today w/a CC.  Tomorrow, we will be ordering take-out with that giftcard - and that will be it for Applebees.  The cashier had forgotten to activate the card with the veriphone - but as soon as he swiped it - the $25 appeared.  The manager at Applebees made me feel like I was trying to pull something on him - he said there was $0 - and it looked like there was never $ on the card.  Maybe he thought I was a total dufus and stole the card from a retail store - thinking there was $ - when everyone knows you have to activate.  I guess these days, it is hard not to think that - but still, it is rather insulting.  He said do you want me to throw this card out.  I said no.  Because I knew I kept the receipt somewhere in my purse - and I was taking the card back.  We also stopped at Kroger for a few items - and watched a free Dvd yesterday and paid $1 for Brides Maid today.

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