Friday, October 28, 2011

10/29 Expressions

I am writing tomorrows post today - because I want to relax most of tomorrow.  Anyway, keep your eyes open for fun free entertainment.  I just RSVP'd us for a free event for members only at our art museum.  I purchased our membership at a discounted price.  Anyway, we will get to preview the new display before it is opened to the "public".  Also, they will have live music, and free refreshments :)  Also, on Monday, my office is having a snack day, and my one of my daughter's classes is having the same.  So, since we don't have an operational stove/oven, I am going to use my $20 bakery groupon - originally, I was thinking of using the whole thing for the office - but now, I think we will split it and maybe add a few more dollars and be done with it.  This bakery specializes in delicious petit fours - a baker's dozen is around $11 - so, 2 boxes will be just over the groupon value.  My daughter is going to take some more clothing to the consignment store.  She is trying to think of ways to come up with $ to buy a professional quality camera.  I suggested saving aluminum cans.  I saw a recycling place near where we went to pick-out our tile - in an industrial place - much closer than the last place - and I am thinking the price per pound is up.  Actually, may be she can take all of our scrap metal.  Like our old water heater.  I noticed the the items the neighbor put out - rusted items were trashed picked - apparently no wanted old carpeting or pillows - because that was what was left for trash pick-up day.  I am also thinking about taking my Lowes giftcard and checking out the plants - hoping to find edible plants I may be able to plant before it really gets cold?  I noticed one of my neighbors has planted a bunch of fruit trees in their back yard.  Apparently, they still own several fruit orchards in their "old" country which they visit in the summer to work/visit.  I am hoping to stay home tomorrow and let my daughter and husband do any errands.  I have had enough for the week.

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