Saturday, October 15, 2011

More 10/15 Expressions

My daughter consigned some clothes - but only had $14 in sales - the new rule is you have to wait until you $20 or more to take cash or a check.  At Best Buy, she got $18.75 - and half of her games they would not take because they don't sell the system.  So, she will have to try another alternative.  Pictured are the flowers I got for $2.50 at Kroger.  Originally $12.99 with Kroger cards.  I had to stop and get pie crusts because the Dollar Store was out of them.  May be I should not tell people.  I told some co-workers and they were excited that the Dollar Tree had pie crusts/tins and Nature's Own bread.  I just bought 1 pack - which was $2.65 for the Kroger brand.  I also found a rebate form for spend $14 and get $7 back on a number of items to include deli items - so, my daughter and I picked out some items in the deli section.  First time I tried Baba Ganoush - it is wonderful.  We also got stuffed grape leaves, rotisserie chicken, etc.  Now, I just need to mail in the form.  Added:  Freebies received in the mail the last couple of days:  Lotion sample from Dial, 3 Chai Latte tea bags from Twinning, 2 samples of body wipes from Playtex Sport, coupon for a free pair of underwear from Victoria's Secret, and a free Martha Stewart Living magazine.

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